Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reflective Borders

('Reflecive Borders' was published in the Fall 2007 Issue of 'Boyne Berries' magazine in Ireland)

We cleaned up our expectations
and stripped away every garment of the ‘self’.
It took us forever to pack.
Then, we rode for days and nights,
went past Trivia and worshipped Diana,
left back every slight haziness of want.

We are now standing naked,
bowing towards the pool of Matuta.
No algae, no foam, no waves, no moss
no parts floating.
Yet, I cannot see you next to me.
I am solely facing the mere reflections of my undressed shape

It seems that
a few dark drops of doubt
Were enough to colour borders in the water.

And I do not dare to ask,
Libera, what you can see…
for it’ s late
for it’ ll soon be too dim for us to care
about the strange reflections of a pool.
We rode for days and nights to get here,
Mixing our fate
And it’s too late to ride back.

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